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For some of us, the dark side is our ally... for others, the dark side has deep coffers.  Some are dedicated to the Imperial cause while a few of us may not agree with everything the Empire says and does.  All that is inconsequential when we form together to fight, struggle, win against whatever comes our way.  We welcome our Sith and Imperial brothers and sisters, dark and light side all.  Together we can tackle the biggest bad guys, the meanest Jedi and strive to trample the Republic's allies. Come see what we are all about...


We want you to be good players. Having fun is important, but if you don't know how to play, how can you fully appreciate the experience? From new toons to gearing 50s, we've seen and got it all. The purpose of a guild is to give support and opportunities. We want geared members, and will do what we can to help you get gear. We want skilled players and will push your limits and make you realise that yes, you can do it, and that there are sometimes methods to madness. Ask questions, share what you've learned. We have crafters who are always willing to lend a hand, and for those who become members, access to the guild bank. If you haven't done something, want to learn something, or don't know what the hell is going on, just ask and you will be shown.

FJC is made up of dedicated players.  Members are expected to be active and to participate.  Officers are almost always around -- and if one isn't we will always take an in-game email, or a message in the forums.  While our core is PvE: running FPs, trouncing Ops and always striving for better gear, we also welcome PvPing and have a dedicated (obsessed?) core group of PvPers.

We are vocal and inclusive: new players should always feel wanted and should be able to jump in feet-first.  Those looking for an easy way to 50 with no effort or dedication should probably look elsewhere: those who want to work for the best gear, end-game, and take part in everything TOR can hurl at us -- c'mon in.  We have plenty of crafters and skilled players always willing to lend a hand to those in need, or who are new to MMOs.

Familiarise yourself with the Charter, and look over the Terms before signing on.  While it might seem rigid and oppressive, all that can be summed up thusly: no jerks, no sneak thieves, no dishonesty, no ninjas. It's really that simple. We are all here to make the most of the game, and when our guild and guildmates are happy and healthy, everyone's experience is improved.

All Members:

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Scharfrichterin, Jan 12, 13 7:47 PM.
Hello to our new members, lowbies and 50s all. If there's anything you need, ask someone online, or ask in the forum (or both). The site also has a live messenger-chat function when you're logged into it. (chat bubbles in the pop-up menu at bottom, "guild chat")

I want to run Lost Island fp so we can take our time learning it and failing until we grind through it. I can heal, tank or dps, depending on what the group will need. From this, I want us to work on Ops. We have a lot of 50s, and we need to get gear. Only way to pve gear is to snag drops and grind comms. Lost Island is part of the Rakghoul weekly; most of us have done Kaon I hope, and probably have LI sitting and waiting. Lets get a group and go. <<< link with info, guide and videos on whats in store. Know what we're getting into before we jump it.

Also: those of us who pvp its important for us to get together and work as a team. If we could start running ranked, that'd be fantastic. Grinding ranked wz comms at 1000/wk is rough going.

BEST TIME TO BE ON IS DURING THE DAYTIME just so everyone knows. I am 9/10 on through the day. Sometimes on at night but its rare. If we manage a night, great -- but if you want to get shit done, get on in the daytime.

Guide for 50s

Scharfrichterin, Dec 14, 12 10:56 AM.
We've had some new 50s, and some upcoming 50s, in the past week or so.  Lots of questions have been asked.  There were some changes made in 1.6, but nothing drastically different from before, though you get PvE gear now on top of Recruit (PvP). So to help the new 50s, I wrote a short guide and posted it in the Library. I hope it helps.

If there are more questions, needed clarification, mistakes (oops <__<) or anything else, post in the forum and I will addendum the guide.

Grats, Berserkers

Scharfrichterin, Dec 14, 12 12:08 AM.
Welcome our two new jr officers, Berserkers Kavitah and Sovalis. Thank you for your dedication and help =)

Forums, Library

Scharfrichterin, Dec 8, 12 10:08 AM.
Hi guys, need to start using the site and forums more. In the forums, its not just about chattering back and forth. That's where we post information or things we find in game, or to communicate easily in-out of game. If you need something, post it. If you find or discover something, post it. If there's a problem, post it. Its a virtual communication board. Please utilise it, we can gather a lot of information.

Library: source for pretty much all game information. Pets, companion affection, datacrons, bosses: everything will be filed and stored in there.  GETTING this information will take playing and research. Information compiled from the forums would be helpful. Tips, tricks, discoveries posted to us, anything you had to look up and study on how to do and relaying that information, will allow us to compile it into the library in an easy-to-access-and-read format, for everyone to quickly see.

One more thing: new guild bank bay. I'm working on dailys to try and save up for the new slot in the guild bank. Donations are welcome but not mandatory.

Members, PvP

Scharfrichterin, Dec 8, 12 9:39 AM.
We have some new members in our ranks, everyone should say hi to all the names you don't recognise =) They're pvp'ers too, so we're really getting things going. Group up for pvp and start honing your skills. We'll be jumping into ranked when everyone has their lvl 50 ready to roll.

Those who need help grinding, let us know. I can run fps and heroics with you at every lvl, and have lowbie toons to run pvp with if necessary.

We also have some allies running around out there, so we should be able to get a premade going pretty much off the hop.

Aside from pvp, if anyone wants to look at running ops, we need a list of our pve 50s and look at pugging on fleet.
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